Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Song of the week

Sucker Punch.  Hmmm.  I remember when I saw the ads for the movie, the posters, the hype machine in full effect I was, ah, suckered into seeing the film.  I mean, Zack Snyder did it.  This was the guy behind 300 and Watchmen and I loved those movies!  How could he go wrong?

Well, he could.  300 and Watchmen were both preexisting properties he adapted to the big screen, while Sucker Punch came out of his own head.  His own sick, twisted, demented head.

The plot of Sucker Punch is as follows.  A mother dies and her two daughters are now at the mercy of their wicked stepfather.  After one daughter accidentally kills the second in an attempt to prevent the stepfather from raping them, the wicked stepfather has her committed so he can control the assets she was bound to inherit.  In the asylum she awaits the day when she will receive a lobotomy, arranged by the wicked stepfather.

So then the movie goes off the rails and the girl starts to imagine that instead of an asylum she now is in a brothel, because Snyder wants an excuse for the girls to wear sexy clothing.  So while the girl is fantasizing she is in a brothel she has further fantasies of fighting giant robot samurai or fighting along side steam operated zombie German soldiers, or fire breathing dragons.

Don't get me wrong.  I followed the plot just fine.  No matter what visuals I was being assaulted with, I followed the narrative.  I just didn't dig the movie because at the heart it was about women being abused in a mental institution.

Which brings me to the song of the week.  As much as I did not like the movie, the visuals are stunning.  Combined with the Korn/Skrillex song Get Up and I think it is a pretty cool music video.

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