Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Song Of The Week

When it comes to Van Halen fans you have three camps; those who prefer the David Lee Roth era, those who prefer the Sammy Hagar era, and those who find merits in both.  I fall into the first category and when I heard that Roth had left the band I had been a little depressed.  Their cover of Pretty Woman was one of the first videos I had seen on Mtv, their concert videos for Unchained and So This Is Love received lots of airplay.  1984 was a massive album for me; I played that cassette to death.

But then I heard Sammy Hagar had joined the band and I did not feel so bad.  I actually preferred Sammy's voice over David's and I figured this was the best of both worlds.  I tuned in when their first single together, Why Can't This Be Love, was played on the radio and I thought it was fantastic (and it is still one of my favorite Van Halen songs). 5150 is a great album, one of Van Halen's best.  It was not until OU812 came out that the honeymoon was over and Van Hagar soured for me.

So for SOTW I choose what I think was "Van Hagar's" best effort, Why Can't This Be Love:

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