Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Song of the week, other stuff

To my pleasant surprise, I was actually able to knock out a second Star Trek, The Animated Series review.  The first one took me some eighteen months to write, this time just five weeks.  I don't know if I will be writing reviews of other televisions series.  One of the reasons I chose TAS is not many people talk about it.  Somewhere down the line I am thinking of doing something along the lines of Manly Movies, talking about old action films like The Dirty Dozen, Ice Station Zebra, The Magnificent Seven, or...

If I continued to do internet reviews I would rather target flicks other internet reviewers are not talking about.  Really, there are so many interpretations of Michael Bay's Transformers at this point that no one needs to hear another one from me (Although I do confess The Cinema Slob's take on it made me laugh.).  I love the Bourne movies but so much time is spent on the protagonist agonizing over who he is and all the people he killed.  They are good movies, but I also relish the escapism of good old fashioned action films.

Now, on to the song of the week!  I am not going to pretend this song is ground breaking, earth shaking, trend setting, or even great, for that matter.  However, the song has been stuck in my head and unlike, say, Call Me Maybe (Which radio stations here in the Metro Detroit Area simply love), I don't mind it being there.

I give you the Swedish duo Icona Pop and their song I Love It:

Hmmm.  Nikki and The Dove, Nero, and now Icona Pop.  My musical tastes seem to be sliding more towards electronic pop these days...

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