Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Song of the week, other stuff

So I don't know when, precisely, I am going to be getting another here that will be something other than the song of the week or an obituary.  Hopefully it will be a long, long time before I do find myself doing the latter.  I have been concentrating on writing articles for The Agony Booth and I guess I find that more challenging, more fun.  No one there has said anything, no one gives me a deadline, but I do find myself with the urge to contribute, to be part of that community.  So I try to get an article up every six weeks.

Hey, comedy is hard.  Besides, say I review 18 of the 22 Star Trek, The Animate Series episodes.  I can drag that out some two years.  Maybe during that time I will find another outlet.  I had considered being a full-on internet reviewer but my brother Jon has given me some very good points to think about.  Internet reviewers (and I'm talking about people doing video reviews) do it seemingly because it is their full time job or it is a hobby while they are going to college.  Or they are in positions where they can get away with being wacky online without any consequences to their regular jobs.  And while I do not think I would do anything that might put my job in jeopardy, do I really want to risk it?  Jon also suggested that if I went that route I should adopt an alternate identity and do faceless reviews like SF Debris.  He has given me a lot to think about.

But if that happened that would be months and months down the road.  I would have to learn how to edit films, discover how much editing software would cost me, etc.  I'm really not sure if I want to pursue the hobby that passionately, and if it interfered with my GMing that would suck.  I still very much like being a GM for a great bunch of players.

What else?  Oh, yeah.  Years ago I used to love Yahoo(!) Music.  The format was set up where you could easily find acts, and acts were also listed by their level of popularity.  I came across bands I had never heard of before, like Kittie and Rachel Farris (I have to remember to put them on the list for SOTW later).  Then Yahoo(!) altered the format and I thought it kind of sucked.  By then Pandora came on the scene.  But anyway, I remember listening to a lot of Sevendust  back then.  So today we have a one-two punch of Sevendust!  First is Praise:

Second is Enemy:

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