Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Song of the week

It might be hard to believe now, but there was a time just about the only thing you knew about an upcoming movie was usually the poster.  Me and my friends thought Robocop was going to be horrible cheese based on the cardboard stand up in the theater lobby.  I thought for sure Die Hard was going to be a lame film based on this:

Seriously, the guy from Moonlighting is supposed to fight terrorists?  Yeah, sure....

So one afternoon I decided to see a film and there is this poster for Highlander:

Huh.  Okay, I'm thinking.  Maybe, I dunno, I-

Oh my Gawd, Sean Connery is in this film!  It must be seen!

Little was I to know this would become one of my most favorite films, or that it would spawn a franchise of some of the worst sequels in history.  The television series was all right, though.  Adrian Paul is a good actor and he looked like he knew what he was doing when he sword-fought.  I just think it lasted too long, like most television series.

Oh, there was supposed to be a song of the week in this article somewhere.  If you never saw this movie the opening is epic, with a song from Queen: Princes of the Universe.

Queen.  The gods of opera rock.  They had composed the music for Flash Gordon and a few years later they provided this awesome opening song for Highlander.  Combined with Sean Connery(!) providing a bit of voice over exposition, I knew I was in for the great time.  At least that is how it felt to me as the credits rolled.  Then I had a moment to calm down.  Okay, just a movie, just a movie-

The credits then cut to Madison Square Garden and a professional wrestling match starring the Fabulous Freebirds.  It was like the director Russel Mulcahy was sitting around asking himself, what would make this movie even more awesome?  Sean Connery voice over: check.  New Queen song: check.  Freebirds: check.  Now what?

Ten minutes into the film, a man gets decapitated in the parking garage.

Best.  Movie.  Ever.

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