Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Song of the week

When I was writing the last article I mentioned how Dave M. and Dave K. were huge fans of Heart and Jethro Tull respectively, and recently The Nostalgia Critic co-reviewed Heavy Metal with Diamanda Hagan.  All of this gave me the idea for this month's Song of The Week theme, that being songs I liked that were prominently featured in motion pictures.  I will not be touching any songs used in James Bond films as I will be doing a top five James Bond songs around November, when Skyfall debuts.

As to why Heart and/or Jethro Tull helped give me this idea, after I watched the Heavy Metal review I was thinking of what songs might fit into this category and almost immediately this one sprang to mind.  Eddie Murphy's The Golden Child was a mediocre movie.  However, Heart's Ann Wilson really nails it with her theme to the movie, Best Man In The World.

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