Monday, March 26, 2012

Song of The Week

My taste in music is pretty varied but if I had to be pinned down I would say I am a classic rock kind of guy.  Van Halen, Queen, Styx, The Beatles(!), AC/DC, Foreigner, Rush, J-Geils Band KISS, and The Police are all bands whose music I love.  And yet despite that very few of them have been represented on Song of The Week.  The reason for that is when I decided to do SOTW I wanted to have one song per band, at least in the period of a year.  And how do I choose which Beatles song?  That is a pretty tall order.

So when choosing songs from these acts I think what I would like to do is choose songs which do not receive much, if any, airplay.  When I chose J Geil's Come Back (Baby), for example, that song gets hardly any airplay on classic rock stations here in the metro Detroit area; if anyone plays J Geils it is usually a song from Freeze Frame or from their first live album (although lately Love Stinks has been playing a lot).  Good stuff to be sure, but it would be nice to hear One Last Kiss to change things up.

The first Queen album I purchased was their greatest hits, the next one was The Works.  I think The Works is one of Queen's best albums with hits like The Hammer To Fall, Radio Ga Ga and Is This The World We Created.  This Song, Machines, was probably my second favorite song on the album and never got airplay, at least, not around here.

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