Saturday, October 1, 2011

A little apathy settling in...

I quit the Star Trek, Exeter game this week in part due to Drew's GMing style and my utter dislike of the Nova system.  And on of my cats was diagnosed with first stage liver failure, a heart murmur and possible thyroid issues.  She is fifteen years old so none of this should really be a surprise, but it still depresses the heck out of me.  So I was thinking of doing posts regarding world building shortcuts and the pros and cons of the three primary methods of PBeMing (Nova, forums, mailing lists) but honestly I am not much in the mood to write anything too in depth.  The argument between Drew and myself left me a bit depressed.  I was honest with him in how I felt regarding his GMing style, and he called me "evil".  I suppose people simply do not want to hear honest opinions.

So I don't know when the next game-related post will be up at this point.  I think I have sworn off Star Trek games entirely now.  With most of them apparently using Nova and many having Marines serving one board I do not see much there to interest me.

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