Saturday, October 22, 2011

In closing

In case you showed up late, I wrote a series of posts regarding a GM named Drew and his game.  You can find the posts below or just go to the links here, here and here.  I was angry with the man, angry with what he had said to me.  He had called my actions "pure evil", scoffed at my assertion that I was his peer.  But now that I have written my articles, have given myself time to think, to ponder on what he said and what I wrote, I have come to the conclusion that he is right, I am not his peer.

I am his superior.

He mocked me for presuming he was a novice, but with the evidence at hand what other conclusion could I come to?  An adventure that was simplistic in setting but clunky and over complicated in execution, players quitting every few weeks for one reason or another, a web site devoid of information, a GMPC whose function could have easily been handled by a PC, my only logical conclusion was he was a player who had gotten in over his head.  Now granted his game has limped along as he has recruited new players to fill in the holes of the literary dike but he had to scrap his first failed adventure due to departing players (me being among them) and an inability to bring it to a successful conclusion.  Of course he railed against me for the trouble I caused, but a good GM looks as much to his own shortcomings as he does his players.

And this is where I consider myself superior.  Yes, I have had players quit on me in the past, but if you look at my game I have a loyal group of friends who have stuck with me, some for as many as ten years or more.  Even players who have quit for personal reasons have come back.  Jeff and Keith left the game a few months ago, they are returning.  Robin might be coming back after an eighteen month or so absence.  Why do these people return?  Because they like who they play with and I entertain them.  They dig what I am putting down.

I have the greatest group of players on the 'net. I have the Justice League of players:

They are the Avengers of players (and not the Brian Michael Bendis era of Avengers.  I'm talking Steve Englehart level of Avengers here!):

They are The League of Extraordinary Players:

God bless 'em.

I am done with Drew, I am moving on.  Writing these posts has made me feel much better and I will now think on what other articles to write.  Almost every writer wants a following, but at the end of the day a writer should write for themselves.  I should be less concerned about the size of my target audience and more concerned with the joy I may find in writing these articles.  And if even just one aspiring GM finds inspiration in my works, if just one guy or girl enjoys reading what I am laying down, then I should be content.

Good bye, Drew.  This GM has has his revenge.

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