Wednesday, September 28, 2011

For God's sake...

My Dad will sometimes lament that "my generation" is bastardizing his heroes, that Hollywood is taking the characters of his childhood and ruining them.  I used to take it in stride, think that hey, it's progress.  New generations of directors and producers should be able to interpret old school characters the way they see fit for new consum-

...Yeah, now I know how my Dad felt.

Just who the hell is this movie being made for?  Video game players suffering from ADD?  I think it was Dave who suggested this may have been a script with a different name on it, only someone decided to slap a marketable name on this instead.

The thing is, I agree with Dave.  If this movie was not named The Three Musketeers then it might be a fun film.  But because they are stomping all over what I feel The Three Musketeers is about then I have no desire to see it.  It is obvious all the book's subtleties (and yeah, I read the book) have been tossed out the window in favor of flashy visuals.  This movie looks so bad to me it might actually make the Disney version look good...

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