Saturday, September 10, 2011

Song of the week

I have made no secret of my love of Kate Bush.  What might surprise some people is I am not the only one.  Not only does she have a rabid fan following, but there are musical performers, both well known and obscure (Well, obscure to me.  For all I know they've sold ten million albums in the UK and/or Europe) who like to cover some of her songs.  First, Kate's version of her hit single, Running Up That Hill:

Then there is the cover by Placebo, which was used in the trailers for the vampire flick Daybreakers as well as in numerous other television programs and ads, such as The History Channel's Gettysburg special that aired earlier this year:

Then there is Within Temptation, a Dutch symphonic rock band:

Tori Amos went a different route, combining Kate's song with her own live.  Early on, when Tori was first starting out, she was compared to Kate (Unjustly, in my opinion), and while I can see how both women might attract the same sorts of fans, Tori is every bit as unique as Kate:

Then there is Australian Idol's Natalie Gauci's live cover:

Finally there is the pop band MPHO's version, which I think is the finest cover:

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