Monday, July 30, 2012

Song of the week, other stuff.

My latest Biblical Reference post was delayed because of that Agony Booth article, but also for another reason.  You see, the article is going to be talking about creating a captain for a Star Trek game and I had thought I might provide links to Star Trek games currently running to show examples of the sorts of captains you do not want to be running.  But then after I started creating the links I realized that these guys are my peers and to single them out like that is pretty cruel.  Sure there was the whole thing with Drew last year but I consider that an exception due to the bad blood that had formed between us.  These other guys?  What had they ever done to me?  And one or two of the ships I had considered using as examples of bad ads?  I played in a couple of those games, I could come across looking petty and vindictive.

The problem with the internet is the apparent security of anonymity, of being able to say what you want about whomever you want and not have to suffer any consequences.  Well, potentially I could suffer consequences in regards to the gaming community but even if I did not I don't think it is right for me to be pointing fingers at guys who are just trying to have a good time and mocking them for running a game in a manner I don't agree with.  Does it frustrate me that I see Star Trek games with 24 year old captains or ships run by rear admirals?  Does it annoy me to see Marines sprinkled on these ships like a green fungus?  Yeah, sure.  Still no reason for me to be kicking dirt on these guys' shoes.

So anyway, I am in the process of re-writing the article so it is a bit friendlier and instead I will simply talk about how I go about creating NPCs and try to keep the vitriol to a minimum.  In the mean time, today is a very special song of the week as it is Kate Bush's Birthday.  Kate is 54 years young and still going strong, having released a new album last year on the heel of a remix album.  Below is the first song I heard of hers in which I knew it was her: Wuthering Heights, the new vocal, which was featured on her 1986 greatest hits album, The Whole Story:

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