Thursday, November 10, 2011

Song of the week, Delays

Well, after that cathartic series of posts I had planned on jumping in with another...eventually.  But one of my players, Earl, and I spoke and it turns out I am running a second adventure in my Vindicators game (which really makes sense, as suddenly the game's number of players swelled due to past members returning and the thought of all those guys going on one adventure would be...messy).  And I am not complaining because I hope Maidenquest will be as fun a ride as Dylanquest should be.  So those two combined with the Behind The Veil game has got me a little busy.

And yeah, City of Heroes.  It's the cowled monkey on my back.

So I have a couple ideas for some posts that I will try and get to this weekend. In the mean time your song of the week comes from A Perfect Circle, the song is Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm of War Drums.


I heard the song when I saw a commercial for the video game Rage and it stuck with me.  What I find funny is when you look at some of the comments on the YouTube page how some Perfect Circle fans are upset that people were drawn to the song due to it's commercial use.  Me, I would love it if a video game (a good one, of course) used a Kate Bush song in it's commercial.  I guess maybe some Perfect Circle fans were upset because the band "sold out" or something.

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