Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Song of the week

Way, way back in the day I used to game with a guy named Dave.  Different Dave.  This was the old Dungeons & Dragons days when Dave K was DM.  The other Dave, Dave M, was a massive Heart fan.  Heart was to him what Kate Bush is to me.  So I learned a great deal from him during that period and some of his heart fandom rubbed off on me.  At one time I think I owned every Heart album on cassette tape.

Yeah, this goes back that far.

Passionworks was Heart's seventh studio album, it was the first with new band members and came right out after Private Audition.  Private Audition, by the way, is a horrible album.  It's so bad I can't name a single song from it.  Passionworks, on the other hand, has some sweet, sweet tunes, among them this one, Sleep Alone.

To me, this is the beginning of what I feel is Heart's best era, the trio of their albums I like best; Passionworks, their title album, and Bad Animals.  After that they got too...poppy?  Is poppy a term?  Whatever.  I just thought crap like All I Want To Do Is Make Love To You was too syrupy.  Granted, The Night is a good tune but overall for me the album after Bad Animals, Brigade, is largely forgettable.

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