Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Song of the week

I am watching a new series on FX called The Americans, it is about KGB deep cover agents in Washington DC circa 1981.  I'm loving the series so far, although I think part of that is due to a strong feeling of nostalgia.  I won't lie; the eighties was my favorite time.  I was a teenager and some of the best movies came out during the eighties (Star Trek II, Raiders of The Lost Ark, a host of others), professional wrestling was gloriously cartoonish, and the music was awesome.

And speaking of music, the producers of the series have made good use of the songs of the era (although using Quarterflash was a mistake; Harden My Heart came out in '82.  Do your homework, producers).  I especially loved how they used the Fleetwood Mac song Tusk:

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