Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Song of the week, other stuff

Well, I hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year.  Mine was pretty uneventful.  Basically it was me watching a bunch of lackluster bowl games.  How does an 8-5 team like Stanford make it to the Rose Bowl, anyway?  I don't care if they won, I'm wondering why the #1 and #2 teams aren't playing against one another.  Then again, I don't get why there are some 31 bowl games to begin with.

Oh.  Right.  Money.  Silly me. At this rate there will be exactly as many bowl games as there are half the number of college football teams.

There won't be any updates for a while.  I am putting together a post regarding sex, religion and politics as they relate to role playing games but depending on the length it might get broken up into three articles.  Or I might break it up into three articles anyway to produce the illusion of me being a prolific writer.  Speaking of writing, I hope to have another Agony Booth article up by Sunday.  After that I am going to write an article defending Star Trek, The Motion Picture.  I feel it is an unjustifiably maligned film and I shall cite my reasons.

Oh, song of the week! Soundgarden was this band who was huge during the nineties, and then they broke up due to creative differences.  The members each went their own ways and then they reformed in 2010.  In 2012, some sixteen years after their break up, they have come back as if they had not missed a beat.  One of their big songs this year was Live to Rise from the Avengers soundtrack:

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