Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Tim Burton gets lots of flak these days, mostly because of his Alice In Wonderland and Dark Shadows movies.  And there are those who aren't fans of his Charlie and The Chocolate Factory film, either.  I think it is because he has fallen into a rut...or the ruts had always been there and they became glaringly obvious when he fell flat on his face three times in a row.

But I still think Burton has it in him and from what the guys at Friday Night Fright Flicks have to say about Frankenweenie this is true.  Burton just needs to stop hiring Johnny Depp and he needs to stop writing stories about misunderstood weirdos.  Okay, yeah, the kid in Frankenweenie seems to be much of the same type but at least it was a role Depp couldn't play.

Anyway, this week's song is from Burton's second foray into animation (after his Frankenweenie short, that is), The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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