Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Song Of The Week

Rush.  Man which album to choose?  Which song?  I was a fan starting with Moving Pictures (which is not to say I did not like any of their stuff before then: Closer To The Heart from A Farewell To Kings is a great tune.) up thru Presto and then...Well, I just stopped digging what they were laying down.

I think it is a crime that radio stations (at least the ones where I live) do not play a wider variety of Rush songs. They play nothing later than Signals, which came out in '82.  Radio stations suck when it comes to airplay; they consider some music to be "classic", in which case classic rock radio stations will give the songs airplay.  And other radio stations will only play current music released in the past couple years.  Everything else falls into limbo.

Anyway, the song today is Show Don't Tell:

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