Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crazy Eight!

Hey, turns out I have an eighth follower.  Welcome!

Now I really feeling guilty about not finishing that article. If any of you are wondering why I haven't completed it, there are reasons.  The first is I am in mourning over the death of Amy Winehouse.

Hahahahahahahahahaha!  Okay, no seriously, I have good reasons for there being a delay other than the death a self destructive drug addict who refused to accept the help of those who loved and cared for her.  And yes, when I see the internet making fun of her demise I do not feel the least bit guilty when I laugh.

Now, seriously, I usually post stuff on Saturdays and this coming Saturday is July 30th.  For those of you wholly ignorant of my unhealthy obsessions, July 30th is Kate Bush's birthday.  And since I am doing the video of the week thing likely the the next new post will be devoted to The Greatest Female Vocalist Of Our Age.  Note that Kate is 52, has a child, a legacy any musical performer can be proud of and the respect of  her peers.  Winehouse, however, will be forever known as a sad, pathetic punchline.

Okay, okay, I'm through talking about Winehouse.  I think.

The other reason I have not been finishing the article is I have been concentrating on putting together a new game.  I had originally thought about running a Star Trek game, but I gave up on it for several reasons.  The first is I was having trouble with the whole Nova format that seems so popular with 'Trek GMs these days.  Someone suggested I join a fleet...

No.  Fucking.  Way.  I will play in a fleet if I absolutely must, but run a ship under someone else's thumb?  Dealing with the ridiculous politics?  Hell with that.

What ultimately killed it for me was what was going on in the 'Trek game I am in now (Exeter's GM seems like a pretty cool guy, btw.  If you are looking for a game to join I would seriously consider giving it a try.) and that is the player turnover.  It is not that it is a bad game, it is simply typical of many Star Trek games.  People are infamous for dropping out of 'Trek games, and it can be very frustrating.  I just did not want to deal with the hassle of hunting down enough players to run the game, then watch half of them fade away in a month.

So I decided to play it safe and go for a format that I am more comfortable with and has a built in bunch of players.  I am putting together a game taking place in the Vindicators universe, it will be magic-centric.  The plot is someone dies and a funeral is held for them, followed by a wake.  Various members of the magical community are in attendance and at this wake something happens.  Not quite sure what that something is, but it is the hook for the adventure. Perhaps his or her will is read and the PCs are given a quest, it will be something along those lines.  Right now I am spending a heckuva lot of time on creating background material for the game.

If you are wondering a bit about it, I have put together a tentative FAQ, I will probably be updating it more (for example, where inspirations are concerned, as much as I was underwhelmed by the whole White Wolf game system and worlds (It just felt so depressing; the bad, I cannot deny I thought some of the Mage stuff was neat.  And one of the writers quoted a Kate Bush song.  Can't be all bad.), and I have a ton of background I need to get finished before the game can be advertised.  The Six Families and The Elves need more depth, for example.  As it happens, I do have a new leader for the necrotic Graves Clan:

What do you think? ;)

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